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Metro Sexual follows the day-to-day lives of sexual health doctors Steph and Langdon as they battle odorous STIs, onerous patients and arduous colleagues, all while trying to keep their struggling clinic afloat.


Metro Sexual premiered on 9GO! and 9Now (Nine Network) in December 2019, and was released in September 2020 on Crackle (USA), OUTtvGO and OUTtv (Canada).


Season 2 (10 x 22 mins) is currently in development.


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Starring Geraldine Hickey, Riley Nottingham, Rebecca Massey & Urvi Majumdar

Written by Henry Boffin & Nicholas Kraak

Directed by Henry Boffin

Produced by Darren McFarlane, Riley Nottingham & Julia Adams

Original Music by Brian White


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